Education to all is our dream – a dream long cherished by an education center combining the virtues of art and culture. Operating on this philosophy, we at Prannath Parnami Institute of Technology & Management is committed to inculcating strong ethical values of integrity, respect and discipline, decision-making ability, as a life-long process in our students.

In order to equip our learners with the skills required to deal with the uncertainties of tomorrow, we not only inculcate in them the time-tested values and ethos within a happy and creatively charged environment, but also successfully integrate modern technology in their learning process. We also dedicate ourselves in building up of values in students such as perseverance, integrity and discipline combined with freedom. Our environment of love and careful guidance helps students to develop their personality and to become law abiding citizens.

I welcome you to be a part of Prannath Parnami Institute of Technology & Management to get the degree of your choice and add value to your life.

With best wishes and blessing for the upcoming session.

Suresh Garg
Director General